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Energy + Redox Flow Battery Storage is Less Expensive Than You Think

I recently sat down and priced out two battery systems. In doing so, I compared two very different technologies in an application of interest to me. You see, I would very much like to be independent of any grid system. I believe that there is no reason...

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Solar + Storage Is The Way To Go!

Arizona Public Service will add a 50-megawatt battery system to its fleet for storing solar energy to use during evening peak hours. The regulated utility revealed Monday...

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Wind + Storage is Cheaper Than Coal and Solar + Storage is Competitive!

Renewable-energy developers have offered to supply Xcel Energy with electricity at the lowest prices quoted in the U.S., including solar and wind options with energy storage priced below what...

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Oregon BEST Provides Follow-on Funding to eChemion

Portland, Oregon September 6, 2016 – Oregon BEST has awarded follow-on funding to an Oregon startup and Oregon State University spinout that has developed a new clean technology that triples the life of redox flow batteries...

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eChemion launches to deliver innovative energy storage solutions of the future

Portland, Oregon September 10, 2015 – eChemion today announced that it has formally emerged from stealth mode to introduce its first product...

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