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We give batteries superpowers.

eChemion Gives Everyday Batteries Superpowers

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eChemion unlocks benefits across multiple dimensions maximizing battery capabilities to give them the powers they need to meet the demands of an energy hungry world.

Spider(man) Chart Data Assumptions: Cost (untreated) = $300/kW to $1500/kW, Cost (treated) = $330/kW to $1530/kW; LCOE (untreated) = $0.60/kWh, LCOE (treated) = $0.17/kWh; Waste (untreated) = 2lbs/kW, Waste (treated) = 0.5lbs/kW (over an assumed life of 20 years); Power (untreated) = 7.5 A/g, Power (treated) = 9.2 A/g; Longevity (untreated) = 3 to 5 years at nominal power; Longevity (treated) = 15 to 25 years at nominal power

Our Energy Hungry World

BILLION people
energy capacity in gigawatts
renewable energy in gigawatts
battery storage in gigawatts
CO2 Emissions in Metric Tons

1. World population growth 7.1b 2013 to 8.2b by 2030. 2. World demand for energy increases from 5,956 GW in 2013 to 8,809 GW 2030. 3. Renewables grow from 450 GW installed in 2014 to over 3,300 GW by 2040 4. Worldwide Battery Storage Capacity 1,200 GW by 2024. 5. Decrease in Worldwide CO2 emissions from 32.2 metric tons in 2013 to 30.9 metric tons by 2030.

More Energy. More Power.

(= superpowers)

ImageFlow batteries are uniquely suited to store large amounts of energy, while simultaneously offering the design flexibility created by separating energy and power. This separation makes flow batteries highly customizable and scalable. More electrolyte can be added for more energy or more electrode can be added for more power. eChemion’s wet chemistry technology focuses on optimizing the graphite materials (e.g. felt, cloth or foil) used in the reactor core.

Flow batteries can store and cycle large amounts of energy, but these reactors will naturally suffer oxidative damage during battery cycling. This oxidation can negatively impact the lifespan of the reactor as well as limit the battery’s operating efficiency.

"…the innovation proposed by eChemion could significantly shift the profitability of the flow battery industry.”

Bruce Ebzery VP Business Development, Redflow

"Imergy Power Systems is working closely with eChemion in testing its treatment."

Majid Keshavarz, Ph.D. Chief Technology Officer, Imergy Power Systems

The eChemion Advantage.

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ImageeChemion’s patent-pending "Chemical Stabilization of Graphite Surfaces" technology protects flow battery reactor surfaces from oxidative damage during battery cycling without sacrificing its electro catalytic activity.

Results from accelerated aging tests on both zinc-bromine and all vanadium electrolyte systems, shows our treatment enables reactors to operate for upwards of four times longer with virtually no loss of performance.

Electrode stabilization is provided via simple aqueous chemical treatment of the carbon surface, and could be incorporated into the manufacturing chain either before reactor assembly, or afterwards, allowing treatment of previously assembled batteries. eChemion’s treatment process is very cost effective and inherently scalable.

Watch eChemion Treated vs. Untreated Vanadium Electrolyte

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