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eC17 is a bi-polar plate

used within the electrode stack of redox flow batteries. These electrode stacks are often targeted for cost reduction as they account for roughly 30% to 35% of the total cost of the battery. Our product was designed to offer low resistivity, very low permeability rates and good mechanical strength.


eChemion  has  developed  a  new  type  of  bipolar  plate  for  redox  flow  batteries — eC17 — that  can  extend  bipole  service  life,  reduce ohmic  resistance,  increase  stack  efficiency,  provide  acid  impermeability,  and decrease the cost of the final product.

eC17 can be made to fit your unique battery stack as our product comes in custom dimensions, thicknesses, and ships pre-cut to your precise dimensions. Our customers have adopted eC17 due to its performance characteristics and enjoy significant cost savings, contact our team to find out what we can do for you.

eFelts (Licensing)

eChemion has a patented treatment process used on the graphitic felts also found in the electrode stack of redox flow batteries. This process creates a felt that is extremely hydrophilic, which makes the electrochemical reaction more efficient, while simultaneously protecting the electrode from degradation over the lifetime of the product. If you are interested in licensing this patent or process from us, drop us a line